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3 Timeless Keys to Build Muscle at Any Age

Have work and family obligations got in the way of your fitness goals? You’re not alone, so don’t be discouraged. You may no longer be able to spend hours in the gym, and you might not be putting up personal bests each time you hit the iron, but you’re never too old to build muscle. Let the experts at Daddy Fitness guide you through your dad-bod transformation; you’ll gain some mental resilience and leadership skills in the process, too!

3 Timeless Keys to Build Muscle at Any Age

1. Eat a Testosterone-Boosting Diet

Testosterone is key to building and maintaining muscle mass. Age-related hormonal fluctuations are a part of life, but they don’t have to sabotage your efforts to build muscle. While your doctor may recommend testosterone therapy, there’s plenty you can do on your own to optimize your hormone function.

Low zinc levels are associated with decreased testosterone production. Eat more oysters and shellfish to avoid a deficiency. And don’t fear dietary cholesterol. Your body uses it to make testosterone so eat the whole egg! While you’re at it, consider supplementing with vitamin D, a precursor to testosterone.

2. Keep Protein Levels Up

No matter what you do in the gym, you’ll find it hard to build muscle without adequate protein intake. The amino acids in protein help repair the damage inflicted from intense exercise. Protein keeps us in an anabolic state and protects muscle from breakdown. Protein needs are even greater when on a reduced-calorie diet.

The frantic pace that characterizes modern life often means skipping meals and eating on the run. Be proactive and keep some healthy, nutritious sources of protein in the car and at the office. Hard-boiled eggs, meat sticks and jerky, low-sugar protein shakes and bars, and Greek yogurt are all great options.

As an added bonus, increased protein intake will elevate metabolism and keep hunger at bay. This will help prevent cravings and limit unwanted weight gain. Once you build muscle you want to be able to see it. Protein helps you achieve and maintain a lower body fat percentage, making that hard-earned muscle appear more prominent.

3. Lift Heavy

When training, use a weight that represents 80% to 85% of your one-rep max for at least one or two sets of each exercise. Doing so will help maintain muscle mass. Lighter weights are great for building muscular endurance, but for size and strength, stick to a weight with which you can get no more than eight repetitions.

You don’t need to train harder: you need to train smarter, and we can help. At Daddy Fitness, we offer online training and subscription-based fitness and nutrition programs. Our options are affordable and easy to follow. When you join Daddy Fitness, you’ll find a community. We’ll hold you accountable because we want you to be your best.

Say goodbye to the dad-bod and transform yourself physically and mentally. Call Daddy Fitness today for more information and to get started on a rad bod instead of a dad-bod!

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