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How to Get Abs: 3 Reasons Success Starts With Your Mindset

We’ve all dreamed of having ripped abs, but how many of us have actually made that dream come true? Daddy Fitness knows you have a lot going on in life and that it’s easy to get distracted from your fitness goals. But if you want to know how to get abs, you have to start with the most important part of your body: Your mind.

How to Get Abs: 3 Reasons Why Your Mindset Matters Most

Six-pack abs are without a doubt one of the hardest fitness goals you can have. We don’t want to discourage you, but we’re going to be realistic. If you don’t have a solid mindset, you won’t get the results you want. Why is that? Let’s take a look.

1. Abs Demand Discipline

Your mental fortitude is going to have a massive impact on your fitness results. That’s true of any fitness goal, but when it comes to abs, you need to be more disciplined than ever.

Your biceps can pop out even if you decided to have an extra cheat day this week. Those traps will still look stacked if you cracked open a few too many last night. But your abs, they need strict adherence to a proper nutrition plan. Your body fat needs to be close to the single digits to really show off your abs.

You can make eating healthy easier by finding recipes you like. Check out the systems we have at Daddy Fitness if you need some help.

2. When Is Abs Day?

If your goal is to get abs, then you need to dedicate time to work on your abs specifically. So, when is abs day? For your mind to be focused on the goal, you need to set aside some time to further that goal, and that goal alone.

Of course you can do abs as part of your other workout days, but you should also set aside a specific time to do abs. On that day, in that hour, you work them like you never have before. You need to respect your crunches the same way you respect your deadlift or your bench press. That all starts with your mental approach to your goal.

3. A Good Mindset Is Self-Reinforcing

Just as you can spiral out of control, you can also create a virtuous cycle with your mindset. When you set out to get abs and take steps to reach your goal, you’ll see results. Those results will, in turn, reinforce your mindset because you see that what you are doing is actually working.

That feedback loop is crucial to keeping it going. Imagine figuring out how to get abs just in time for summer only to watch them vanish a few months later. So, use today’s success to fuel tomorrow’s achievements.

Get Your Mind in Gear

If you want to stay focused on your fitness goals despite all the distractions around you, check out Daddy Fitness Co for more. With one on one training programs and custom plans designed around your obstacles, we can keep your mind and body looking sharp.

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