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Why a Strength Training Program for Men Is Also the Secret Weapon Against Fat

Guys, are you still convinced that middle-aged fat loss requires low-calorie diets and endless bouts of cardio? If you’re following this antiquated approach, you may be sabotaging your results. Daddy Fitness can customize a science-based strength training program for men interested in fat loss. Our one-on-one online training and subscription-based programs can transform your dad bod both physically and mentally.

Why a Strength Training Program for Men Is Also the Secret Weapon Against Fat

Ever heard of sarcopenia? This age-related muscle loss can begin taking effect when you’re only in your 30s. At least ten percent of adults over age 50 experience sarcopenia, and starting in middle age, we lose an average of three percent of the strength in our muscles each year. Getting weaker and frailer is no fun, but on top of that is a corresponding increase in fat mass.

The Benefit of Muscle

Maintaining muscle is a calorically “expensive,” metabolically demanding process for your body. That’s a good thing in terms of weight management. When you lift moderately heavy weights, you inflict damage on the muscle fibers. It’s called microtrauma. All of that damage needs to be repaired, and that repair process can take up to 48 hours after the workout is over. Your metabolism is elevated for that entire time. Scientists refer to this as excess post-exercise oxygen consumption or EPOC.

A properly designed strength training program for men will trigger more of this afterburn effect than you’d get from traditional aerobics. In fact, excess cardio can interfere with muscle-building and even lead to muscle loss. This contributes to a soft physique and the skinny-fat look that has become all too common.

A Place for Cardio

Cardio—particularly the interval-based variety—has its place in any well-rounded fitness routine. But the missing ingredient is often a strength training program for men who have hit a plateau or who are interested in body recomposition.

While it’s sometimes assumed that the only benefit of weight training is increased strength, research has shown us that lifting burns a lot of calories, both during and after the workout. Here’s the bottom line: the more muscle you have, the faster your resting metabolic rate (RMR), and the leaner and more defined you’ll be.

The Right Strength Training Program for Fat Loss

Lots of guys lift weights, but many of them are still carrying around a few extra pounds. There is a seemingly endless array of fitness routines out there, and choosing one can be overwhelming. The science is clear: the most effective strength training program for men interested in fat loss is one that incorporates compound movements using moderately heavy weights for lower repetitions.

Back in the day, we were told that fat loss meant hours on the treadmill combined with a calorie deficit. Stop torturing yourselves, guys—there’s a better way! How about a training program that helps you maintain your strength as you age and helps you burn more calories even when you’re just sitting around hours after the workout is over?

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